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Franziska Reck

Owner, Director and Producer
+41 44 241 37 63

Franziska Reck has been actively involved in the world of film for over twenty years, promoting independent filmmaking in Switzerland. Beginning as a film distributor at the Filmcoopi in Zurich (1983—1990), she continued building up the distribution and promotion of Swiss films as director of the IGV/CID (1993-2000) and as a freelance film producer herself (since 1990). She has a special fondness for the film essay. Through her experience and long engagement as film producer and distributor she is very well connected to the independent Swiss and European film scene and its promotion through both public and private organisations and boards. The International film festival Innsbruck IFFI (23.- 28.5.2017) awards the honorary prize 2017 to Franziska Reck.

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