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Anniversary Movie for Zurich Central Library. Commissioned film

Anniversary movie to mark and celebrate the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (Central Library)100th birthday

Idea, script & direction: Anka Schmid
Schweiz 2017


Subotika - a holiday destination that lives up to its promises. 

Idea, script & direction: Peter Volkart
Schweiz 2015

Wild Women - Gentle Beasts

Female animal tamers from various continents shine in the spotlight and struggle for their existence behind the scenes.

Idea, script & direction: Anka Schmid
Schweiz 2015


MULHAPAR shows a multifaceted picture of the life in a small village somewhere in Pakistan.

Idea, script & direction: Paolo Poloni
Schweiz 2014

Shana - The Wolf's Music

A First Nations girl, a wolf and a violin – and the magic of music.

Idea, script & direction: Nino Jacusso
Schweiz, Kanada 2014

Millions Can Walk

Hundreds and thousand of Indian indigenous inhabitants and landless farmers–demand their right to existence by making a 400 km protest march.

Idea, script & direction: Christoph Schaub und Kamal Musale
Schweiz, Indien 2013

Césars Grill

In order to rescue his father’s ramshackle grill restaurant, the film-maker is travelling back to his homeland Ecuador.

Idea, script & direction: Darío Aguirre
Deutschland, Schweiz 2013

5 Shorts

DVD with award-winning movies:


Idea, script & direction: Peter Volkart
Schweiz 2013


A story about the struggle for land and water of tribal people in India – an insight into the power of non-violence.

Idea, script & direction: Karl Saurer
Schweiz 2012

Actually, we were planning to go back home

Return home or stay here? 3 couples growing old in a foreign country, being torn between here and there and constantly adjusting to new conditions.

Idea, script & direction: Yusuf Yeşilöz
Schweiz 2012

Room 606

The journey of Jonathan Fisch takes him to the edge of the province, where he checks in to a run-down hotel. The attic room no. 606 has its pitfalls...

Idea, script & direction: Peter Volkart
Schweiz 2012

Against all Odds

Women have children. But when you’re not even eighteen and your belly begins to grow, people stare at you and frown.

Idea, script & direction: Anka Schmid


A film how traditions and modernity struggle in today’s Egypt – and how society is looking for its heroes now and then.

Idea, script & direction: Sandra Gysi & Ahmed Abdel Mohsen
Schweiz 2011


A fast-paced film about people whose feet are their primitive and powerful instrument of artistic expression.

Idea, script & direction: Gitta Gsell
Schweiz 2010

Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch

A fascinating portrait of the Swiss film pioneer Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch and her timeless film and video oeuvre.

Idea, script & direction: Anka Schmid
Schweiz 2009

Monsieur Sélavy

A film diary about the vicissitudes of existence and how to encounter them with dignity.

Idea, script & direction: Peter Volkart
Schweiz 2008

Frederica de cesco

A movie portrait of Frederica de cesco and the essence of writing and reading and good told stories.

Idea, script & direction: Nino Jacusso
Schweiz 2008

The Love of Music

3 musicians re-invent their artistic identity in Switzerland. A film full of hope and melancholy, warm-heartedness and homesickness

Idea, script & direction: Yusuf Yeşilöz
Schweiz 2008

Sweeping Addis

A discreet, respectful portrait of four remarkable women, survival artists in a land marked by political tension. 

Idea, script & direction: Corinne Kuenzli
Schweiz 2006

Between the Worlds

A portrait of the Kurdish Turk Güli Dogan, demonstrating that even a successfull integratin has its moments of unfulfilled longing and tears.

Idea, script & direction: Yusuf Yeşilöz
Schweiz 2006

Irène Schweizer

Music is and has always been Irene Schweizer’s whole life, a film portrait of the great Swiss pianist with insights into her life.

Idea, script & direction: Gitta Gsell
Schweiz 2005

Terra Incognita

During the 1920s, a young pataphysician becomes the talk of the town when he declares that gravity does not exist.

Idea, script & direction: Peter Volkart
Schweiz 2005

Namibia Crossings

“The Hambana Sound Company” is a troupe of 12 musicians and singers from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Switzerland, Russia.


Idea, script & direction: Peter Liechti
Schweiz 2004

Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth lived the life of 20 men and left behind a body of work of titanic proportions.

Idea, script & direction: Edith Jud
Schweiz 2003

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