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FAIR TRADERS in Austria and Ticino

20 September 2019

On 16 September 2019 Nino Jacusso's FAIR TRADERS started its premiere tour in Austrian cinemas.

The cinema launch is on 20 September 2019. Further information under filmdelights


On 26 September the film starts its cinema tour also in Ticino.

HAIRY - From Film to Book

4 April 2019

HAARIG! REVOLTE, MAGIE, EROTIK by Anka Schmid & Bernd Müllender

Inspired by the personal experiences of filmmaker and author Anka Schmid, the book leads us through the hairy history of our age with words and pictures. The personal point of view is complemented by in-depth cultural-historical and scientific reflections by ...

TV - Premiere SUBITO - Instant Photography

28 March 2019

After SUBITO - Instant Photography by Peter Volkart has finished his festival and cinema tour, we are looking forward to the TV premiere on SRF 1 Sternstunde Kunst.

TV premiere: Sunday, 07.4.19, 11:55 & 23.30 - SRF 1


Press, wait, ready! Inventor Edwin Land's camera made its ...

WORLD PREMIERE : SUBITO by Peter Volkart at Zurich Film Festival

13 September 2018

We are thrilled to announce the world premiere of “SUBITO - INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY“ at this year's Zurich Film Festival!  Peter Volkart's first feature documentary will be running in the International Documentary Film Competition.

Friday, 28th Sept. / 21.30 pm - Corso 2  WORLD PREMIERE

Monday, 1st Oct. / 18.45 pm ...

HAIRY at International Filmfestivals

16 March 2018

HAIRY will be a part of the CPH:DOX Filmfestival in Copenhagen and the Art FIFA in Montréal.

HAIRY by Anka Schmid will participate at the prestigious documentary film festival CPH:DOX. HAIRY will also be shown at the Art FIFA Festival in Montréal in Canada!

Th, 22 ...

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