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An observation a portrait a pamphlet or an essay regardless in which form the art of documentary film is what is fascinating us.

Since the foundation of RECK Filmproduktion in 2000 by Franziska Reck, the company has mainly been developing and producing documentary, documentary-feature and experimental films for cinema and television.

Always searching for new ideas, always transcending limitations, RECK Filmproductions stands for – and features – interest in the wide variety of lifestyles and the diverse forms in which people express themselves, as well as the fascination of images – whether documentary, staged or experimental in nature. In the centre of the search are human encounters, images depicting what happens when different cultures encounter one another.

Exploration – investigation - RECK’S guiding principles, also incorporate production and distribution, so that each film and each essay thus finds the best matching framework conditions for both production and distribution.

Each film is one of a kind – unique, distinctive and unmistakable - and thus receives special, individual attention and treatment.

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