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5 Shorts

By Peter Volkart

Shortfilm – Cinema

67 min – Schweiz 2013

IL DOTTORE - A doctor for life


Peter Volkart’s films invite one on a poetic journey of exploration. Boundaries are explored, crossed, and left behind us. With intellectual verve the viewer penetrates that intermediary zone between the unconscious and real consciousness; the space-time continuum is interrupted and parallel universes open themselves up to the time-travelling dabbler. He soars away into forgotten, never-discovered wonderlands beyond rationality, roaming inexistent cities and imaginary landscapes until he reaches a zero gravity point and is swallowed up into a black hole.

Booklet 6 shorts:  online version / PDF Download


ZIMMER 606 (short film, fiction, 15 min, 2012)

JA JA, NEIN NEIN (co-director, docu-fiction, 20 min, 2009)

MONSIEUR SÉLAVY - THE WAY IT IS (short film, fiction, 10 min, 2008)

TERRA INCOGNITA (short film, fiction, 18 min, 2005)

SUBURBAN WILDLIFE (short film, experimental/documentary, 3 min, 1983)



Format: DVD, pal 16:9
Sound: Dolby SRD
Languages: german
Subtitles: english, french

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