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Against all Odds

By Anka Schmid

Documentary – Cinema

93 min – 2011

IL DOTTORE - A doctor for life


Women have children. But when you’re not even eighteen - like Sandra, Jasmine and Jennifer – and your belly begins to grow, people stare at you and frown. And once the baby is born, it turns out that life with a child is much more challenging than you ever imagined in all your pink teenage dreams. A refreshing long-term study of three very young mothers, their children and the fathers. A film about the first great love, career plans and dreams for the future. But above all, a film about the courage and unwavering confidence that is necessary when you’re at an age where others blithely enjoy being young – and you take on the responsibility of a child.

Format: 35mm / 1:1.85
Languages: Swiss German; German, English and French subtitles

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