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Between the Worlds

By Yusuf Yeşilöz

Documentary – TV

54 min – Schweiz 2006

IL DOTTORE - A doctor for life


Writer and filmmaker Yusuf Yeşilöz presents a vivid portrait about the successful integration of Güli Dogan, who moved to Switzerland from Turkey at the age of nine. The film documents Güli Dogan, now 35, at work in the Winterthur registry office, in her everyday life with her daughters and husband, with her Swiss girlfriends and on her visits to older, very tradition-bound fellow country folk. But Güli Dogan’s palpable longing for the mountain village of her childhood is a source of tension for her. So she focuses first on teaching her own children about the culture of their new home, hoping to introduce them to her own country’s traditions at a later point. Besides these different worlds, the film tells an extraordinary tale of marriage and relationships.

Format: Digi Beta/ Beta SP
Sound: Stereo
Languages: Swiss-German/German/Kurdish-Zaza/Turkish
Subtitles: German

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