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Irène Schweizer


Music is and always has been Irene Schweizer’s whole life. In her film, Gsell gets some rare one-to-one time with the internationally renowned Swiss pianist Irene Schweizer, whose music has roots in Jazz and improvisational music. The film gives a fascinating insight into the life of a great artist, where friendship and relationships always take second place to the music, shunted between foreign tour dates and rehearsals, between inspiration and creation. Music has inspired Schweizer to great heights, sometimes followed by deep loneliness. However, Schweizer’s grand piano – her partner – is always there for her.

There it stands – the grand piano – waiting for her. For a woman who has referred to the piano as her companion for over 40 years, has shared happiness and sadness with it, was inspired by it and who has lived this inspiration to the fullest with it. Seldom has she had an affair with another – and if so, then with the drums. Friendships and relationships “played second fiddle” to music, were cultivated between appointments abroad, rehearsals, somewhere between inspiration and creation. It was always music that inspired her to soar to the heights, sometimes followed by the deepest sense of loneliness. Music was and is her life.


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