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The Love of Music

By Yusuf Yeşilöz

Documentary – TV

54 min – Schweiz 2008

IL DOTTORE - A doctor for life


Three musicians – two women and a man – whose lives could not be more different. Yet many things link them: all three left their home countries, interrupting successful music careers, all three live today in Switzerland. Courageously they seek their artistic identity in this new home, melancholy and disruption are their constant companions. They love music and it is music than binds them with love. All of them have found in their partners people with whom they not only share their life and love but also with whom they can further develop their musical work.

Through strong, atmospheric images, writer and filmmaker Yusuf Ye ilöz provides an intimate look into the lives of these artists, showing the multifaceted and also contradictory situations they are experiencing in the strange, new homeland. A sensitive, insightful approach to passionate musicians and their new beginnings within the framework of migration.

Languages: German, French, Turkish,Georgian
Subtitles: German, French

Reck Filmproduktion 2012 All Rights reserved.