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Namibia Crossings

By Peter Liechti

Documentary – Cinema

90 min – Schweiz 2004

IL DOTTORE - A doctor for life


The „Hambana Sound Company“ is a troupe made up of 12 musicians and singers, gathered from all over Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Switzerland and Russia. 12 very different outlooks journey through a country that is in the process of reinventing itself  from scratch: Namibia, former German Southwest Africa.

The common search for the deeper sources of music becomes a testing experience for each individual, taking them to the edge at times. Encounters with local music groups in remote provinces trigger a range of emotions – mesmerizing and euphoric as well as sad.

NAMIBIA CROSSINGS takes a trip through a country of archaic beauty and bizarre contradictions – like an echo on the polyphonic soul-landscapes made up of each individual’s highs and lows.


Format: 35mm
Sound: Stereo
Languages: EN, GE, Africaans Nama Damara Sa
Subtitles: EN, FR

Reck Filmproduktion 2012 All Rights reserved.